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What's On Our Christmas List?

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Our top 5 products when it comes to positioning and keeping baby off of their flat spot! You might be surprised that there is no bulky equipment on this list, just a couple of tried and true methods for repositioning.

1) Baby Wearing Wraps

These adorable wraps keep baby snug, mom's hands free, and baby's head up and off of a surface. Our favorites are from Solly Baby and Beluga Baby. Both of them offer lightweight wraps in a variety of adorable patterns with soft materials. Solly Baby's lightweight material is great for babies that tend to get a little warm. I also found it perfect for Las Vegas summers! The Beluga Baby's stretchy material allows for new moms to learn how to wrap their baby without having to do it perfectly and allowed for long term wear as baby gets bigger. I still throw my little one in the Beluga Baby if she is having a tough day teething and doesn't want to leave mommy's side. I have trialed a lot of options and found these two products to be hands down the best. Whoever you are shopping for (even yourself) will fall in love with these.

Plus! Both of these small businesses were started by moms who wanted better options for their babies. That is something we can all support!

2) Boppy Pillow

Of course you might already have a boppy, but did you know it is a great tool for tummy time? As baby gets closer to 3 months they should be pushing up and starting to really explore the world from their little tummies. If this is not happening, it can make a huge difference to place baby's arms over the boppy and offer them a little support. This is a great position for getting baby off of the back of their head and getting them ready for their next developmental milestones.

These handy pillows are available at Target, Buy Buy Baby, and Amazon.

3) Baby Pool Float!

As soon as Christmas is over we start looking forward to summer in my house. We are outside as soon as it starts to warm up and being in the pool is a big part of our lives. There are many benefits to getting your little one in the pool. It allows them to learn more about their muscles and how their bodies move in space. It can aid in digestion, relieving gas as the kick around, and it is a wonderful sensory experience. A baby float allows them to experience the water safely, log some extra tummy time, and to get their head off of any flat spots. There are many options available, just choose one that you feel is safest that you can use consistently. The one pictured is available on amazon (and was a gift for us last Christmas that we enjoyed all summer). There are many options at different price points.

4) Baby Elephant Ears

Adorable and useful positioning aids. these elephant ears are easy to use and help keep baby at midline. These are great for positioning and work well in many situations. Mom manufactured and machine washable, I think these would make a surprising stocking stuffer.

5) Tummy Time Water Mat

The reviews for this mat speak for its usefulness and the widespread joy it brings during tummy time. This mat is inexpensive and easy to set up. It's a great tool to get little ones interested in spending time with you on their tummies. I enjoy brining it back out every now and then and it is always a hit during playtime! Find it on amazon here.

Or if you prefer to use things around the house for the same effect, fill a baking tray with water and bath toys. Let your little one splash and play while on their bellies over a rolled up blanket or over the boppy. I promise it will at least provide entertainment for a few minutes to re-heat your coffee!

Go ahead and tell us, what's on your list this year? Are there must haves for your little one? Leave a link below!


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