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Oh, the places you’ll grow [in a helmet]!

Congratulations today is delivery day!

You’re off in your helmet whatever you say

You have a new accessory, a bright shiny hat

No don’t take it off, we sure can’t do that

You can pick your own pattern

Design your own strap

With stars, moons, or dinos

The choice falls in your lap

But where will I wear it? Funny you should say

You’ll wear this thing 22 hours a day!

You can wear it in a car

You can wear it near and far

You can cruise through a snooze

Lounge, swing, or bounce, whatever you choose!

You can lay in the grass, twin at a game

No matter what, life will be just the same

Come sun, rain or snow,

Just do one small thing, grow baby grow!

Know that your head, not your heart,

It will change

So your measurements fall within normal range

Those of you that have come through this journey will know

So share pictures with us to show-

Where and how did your baby grow




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