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The Elongated Head

Some parents have a gut feeling that there is something wrong with their child's head shape. Others are blind sided when a pediatrician or concerned friend suggests a cranial consult. While our babies all have different head shapes when they are born, we know that they should improve over the first year of life. If they aren't improving and remain moderately severe, a cranial helmet is required.

An "Elongated Head" is a head shape with a low cephalic index (see more info on measurements here). Cephalic index is calculated by measuring the width and length of the head and dividing the two for a ratio. While norms differ based on age, gender, and ethnic background, we generally aim for a cephalic index of .80-.90. Less than .80 is considered a low cephalic index and the head looks longer and narrow. Greater than .90 is considered high cephalic index and the head is flat and wide. For more information on head shapes, see our previous post.