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The Helmet Scan!

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Parents are frequently alarmed that baby needs a "head scan" to get a helmet ordered. The scan we are talking about is completed with the STARscanner and is completely safe for your baby. Not to worry, there is no radiation involved. The scan is more like a digital picture and is how we actually get a 3D image of your little one's head! This is pretty cool because it is how we can track progress, determine when to discharge, and most importantly it is how we order helmets customized for each baby.

Pictures of STARscanner, SmartSoc photos coming soon!

What is the STARscanner?

The STARscanner was developed by Orthomerica Products, Inc, the company behind our STARband helmets. Orthomerica is the World Leader in Cranial Remolding Products and manufactures several, FDA approved remolding designs. They are also the manufacturer or the SmartSoc scanner which was developed for more portability. The technology behind the STARscanner was originally created for the purpose of outfitting Olympians with custom gear. It was then harnessed by Orthomerica for the purpose of customizing baby helmets for cranial remolding.

The STARscanner is safe for baby's eyes, skull and brain. If there is any discomfort it is typically related to your baby being a little cold while they are only wearing their diaper and cotton stocking cap (which is adorable and always a photo opp). The scan takes 1.5 seconds and the typical response from parents is "oh, that's it?" We make it fast, safe, and easy because we know babies are always on the move!

Describing "head flattness" used to be entirely subjective; and still is to some degree. Many times when asked for a history of the baby's head shape parents will reply that it looks worse, the same, or better. But is it normal? mild? severe? Has positioning helped? If so how much? Will it correct on its own? Is it plagiocephaly? There are measurements and scales for describing severity and the STARscanner and SmartSoc systems allow us to get detailed measurement reports. This objective information provides us with more knowledge about how your baby's head compares to others and how it will respond to treatment.

At Orthopedic Motion, we do not charge for scans and will provide you with measurements of your baby's head at no charge, even if your baby doesn't end up needing a helmet! We support your repositioning efforts and will help you understand if your baby's head is getting better or worse.

Do you have pictures of your baby on scan day? Send to or tag us @omikiddos #scanday #omikiddos


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