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We know moms, because we are moms. We have assembled the most talented group of cranial remolding experts. Once you walk through our doors you are treated like family and will leave our clinic as family. 

Currently serving families from the

Southwest to the Midwest.

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From Our Clients...

"This place is AMAZING! Brittany and her team always go above and beyond. Everyone is so friendly and the place is so clean. I've had horrible experiences with Drs in this town, but Orthopedic Motion makes it all worth it. I can't stress how thankful I am for the entire team here and I didn't realize just how important it is to fix your little one's head shape. My son's torticollis made his head shape really bad and it was affecting the symmetry of his face and ever since we got his helmet he looks so much better. Thank you Orthopedic Motion for all of your hard work we really appreciate you!!"

- Camille W.

"We were referred to Orthopedic Motion Inc. in Omaha in December 2021. I was so sad and hesitant to navigate the process of a helmet for our daughter. Dr. Katherine Barnes has been so fantastic to work with and I will highly recommend this practice to anyone and everyone. Our little girl graduated from needing the helmet today and I can honestly say I will miss the OMI team. They made this process so easy for us, answered any questions that came up, and reassurance us in moments of doubt. Dr. Barnes was phenomenal with both my kids! 10/10 recommend."

-Stephanie K.

"I was completely impressed at our first visit. Everyone in the office is very friendly and the office is 100% about kids! The exam rooms aren't typical, they're made for moms and kids. Dr. Kaitlin made me feel so comfortable with the process and took the time to answer all of my questions. The Dr.s are sisters who specialize in different parts of the body. We are seeing Dr. Brittany on Monday to talk about my daughters legs. I'm very grateful to have found these ladies and feel good about letting them work with my baby."

- Nicole C

If you have come here looking for information regarding plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, craniosynostosis or other head deformities of infants look no further. We have heard all the questions, we are also moms, and we have the education and life experience to help guide you on this journey. 

Check out our Tummy Time Tool Box created by our omi-kiddos experts.

Our doctors have years of pediatric experience and developed this helpful toolkit for our patients and concerned parents.

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Receive this 20 page booklet for free to your email! This was created by experts and includes 3 case studies about kiddos with special considerations and exclusive tips from their moms!

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