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baby car seats


We specialize in providing babies with access to the best 3d scanning and imaging non-intrusive laser data acquisition StarBand technology for cranial remolding.

Starband Cranial Remolding Orthoses are the gold standard in the industry and we are proud to be the only clinic in Nevada to offer two of these scanners and we are one of only two clinics offering this scanner in Omaha.

  In addition to offering unparalleled access to this technology our practitioners have been recognized with numerous accolades and certifications from industry experts, including an unprecedented

Doctoral level Orthomerica AllStar practitioners.  This designation recognizes individuals that have done

the training and continuing education to be at the top of their field in cranial remolding. We are proud to have 4 of them working in our Nevada and Midwest clinics. 

We promise to always strive to find the best ways to support parents, families and caregivers throughout our community. 


We are a woman owned Vegas Born Business. 

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