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Are Helmets Covered By Insurance?

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Cranial helmets are considered "Durable Medical Equipment " and can absolutely be covered by insurance! Your insurance company typically wants to make sure that a helmet is medically necessary before they will cover the device. This use to mean your child only needed a prescription from the pediatrician and then their device would be covered. These days however, insurance companies want more information than ever to make sure medical devices are not being needlessly prescribed. It is important to prove medical necessity, AND THAT'S where the experts come in.

We agree that cranial remolding helmets are medically necessary and advocate their use. Our staff has worked over the years to establish parameters for medical necessity with our local medicaid and private insurance companies. These parameters are based on the most current research and allow us all to speak the same language about baby heads. We start with a free consultation to determine medical necessity and request a prescription/referral. These are the first steps in getting your helmet covered by insurance.